16 people crammed into a room suitable for 10? Sadly, where labour accommodation is concerned, it’s often the norm. But not at Dulsco. We pride ourselves on being known as a company that cares for its employees. So, unlike other suppliers, we are 100% committed to providing our blue and white-collar employees with the highest standard of accommodation in the region.

It all started with Dulsco Village in Al Quoz. A uniquely different style of labour accommodation with rooms for more than 3600 workers and offering its very own sports arena. Our Dulsco Village “1-star hotel accommodation” as we choose to think of it is currently running at 98% occupancy. A rate which is unheard of – even in Dubai’s thriving hotel industry.

The success of Dulsco Village led to the planning and building of more hi-spec facilities in Fujairah and Salapur. Our Fujairah accommodation was completely overhauled to suit our new Dulsco corporate brand with fittings and finishes that reflect the Dulsco corporate colour palette – even down to the tile finishes. The facility is so dramatically different to our competitors’ offerings, the market in Fujairah is asking “when can we rent” and “when are more properties coming”?

All our facilities are operated in line with Federal standards, or better. Often offering gyms, barber shops, basketball courts, games arenas, stocked libraries and internet facilities.

Currently plans to redevelop the site next to Dulsco Village are being discussed with Dubai Municipality. The new site will be a “game changer” providing 10-12 thousand beds and offering sports pitches, mingling areas and an open-air cinema up on the roof.


Commercial Space Leasing

Our approach to Commercial Space leasing is as forward looking as our approach to labour accommodation. Traditionally, the market place only looks for 12 month rent cycles, and the only time you see the landlord is when the contract is due for renewal.

At Dulsco, we do things differently. Currently we are moving into the international model of long-term leases. This provides the occupier with long-term stability and pricing, and reduces the concerns of being evicted.

We also operate a one-stop shop solution for our occupiers by being able to provide engineering and pest control services, security, housekeeping, maintenance and many other additional services.


Our Corporate Real Estate Solutions offer the following core services:

  • Real Estate Asset Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Property Development

Our Real Estate Asset Management function services include:

  • Leasing: origination of national leases, monitoring of developmental leases
  • Real estate research to benchmark Dulsco CRES; trends watch
  • Acquisition and disposals
  • Custodians of all title deeds
  • Utilities management: payment of rates, taxes, electricity and water bills
  • Capitalisation of assets
  • Small business development strategy
  • Land and improvement asset register
  • Development of policies, guidelines and procedures relating to REAM functioning nationwide

Facilities Management

Our Facilities Management teams take care of the crucial behind-the-scenes services that keep our real-estate facilities running smoothly including:

  • Building & equipment maintenance
  • Security
  • Strategic facilities planning
  • Space planning
  • Cleaning, hygiene and pest control
  • Waste management
  • Gardens and indoor plant services
  • Parking
  • Relocation management

Property Development

Our Project and Development Management teams handle the renovation and leasing of existing buildings, the purchase and sale of developed and undeveloped land and ongoing projects including:

  • Dubai Industrial Park
  • C&D Plants Ajman & Umm Al Quwain
  • JAFZA Slop & Sludge Project
  • AUH Head Office refurbishment
  • Sonapur Accommodation Village
  • Fujairah Accommodation Village