As one of the fastest developing regions in the world, the UAE is home to an unprecedented amount of industrial and construction projects. Industry and construction waste can be incredibly damaging to the environment if not disposed properly.  – in fact, it accounts for over half of the region’s overall waste  generated 

To help solve the problem, the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change of the UAE (supported by the Ministry of Presidential Affairs) selected Dulsco to set up Construction and Demolition(C&D) waste receiving and processing facilities in the Northern Emirates. Two of these processing facilities - in Umm Al Quwain and Ajman - are now operational.  As the only company in the UAE to sign such a deal, Dulsco will now be managing the C&D waste recycling in these emirates. 

• Establish a proper collection and transportation manifest system of C&D waste from source to the processing facility to ensure 100% diversion of this from Landfill and also eliminate illegal dumping.

• Receive C&D waste on agreed tipping fees.

• Do a pre-sorting to recover other recyclables like metal, paper, plastic, cans.

• Crush the C&D waste to get various grades of aggregates and sub base as output material. These can be used in various applications like building new roads and infrastructure, manufacturing of blocks, backfilling etc. Usage of the recycled materials has various benefits as it reduces costs

• Protects the natural mountains of UAE by reducing the need for virgin material 

• Reduces the need to landfill 

• Creates a strong circular economy

It’s a win win situation for all concerned and directly contributes to the achievement of UN SDGs and UAE’s Vision 2021