In a rapidly developing country like the UAE, ongoing construction and industrial development account for over half of the region’s waste materials. At Dulsco, we have risen to the challenge of responsibly serving this sector. Building an infrastructure of specialised manpower and cutting-edge technologies, we provide environmentally-aligned solutions to meet the unique needs of complex industries, including ports and Oil & Gas.


Catering to multiple sectors including Oil & Gas, we provide water tank and oil tank cleaning for industrial, offshore, commercial and residential properties, and will soon commission the first private marine slop and sludge recycling plant in the UAE. Protective of our environment, we also ensure emergency response services for spills and leaks.
Our waste management practices apply rigorous safety standards and are 100% compliant with local regulations. Our recycling projects are aligned with the nation’s green vision and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. At Dulsco, we know our priorities.




Embracing local and global goals for a greener future, we strive to ensure the highest standards for cleaner, safer communities. As part of our waste solutions for the industrial sector, including Oil & Gas, we collect, transport, treat and safely dispose of a variety of hazardous materials. In combatting emerging pandemic threats, our expertise extends to biohazardous waste.
Qualified to handle both solid and liquid waste, we operate a fleet of specialised vehicles servicing industrial complexes across the UAE. We also dispose of sewage at various local treatment plants, and offer construction and demolition (C&D) waste disposal solutions