The UAE has always been a modern, forward-looking country. Its environmental target of diverting more than 75% of waste away from landfills by 2021 is a testament to the nation’s vision for a sustainable future. At Dulsco, we support and embrace this commitment to an eco-friendly way of life, and we are determined to inject sustainable solutions into every community we serve, to make them cleaner, greener and more pleasant to live in.


Collecting and disposing of your community’s waste is only half the job. At Dulsco, we are determined to find innovative ways to recycle that waste or turn it into useable energy, and to provide communities with a complete cadre of services to easily put into practice. Our turnkey environmental solutions offer organisations, educational institutions and residential neighbourhoods a 360-degree approach to their recycling needs. Take the guesswork out of your CSR initiatives: let us help you fulfil your “green” aspirations with flexible, sustainable recycling programs.
We also offer a comprehensive selection of eco-friendly recycling supplies, including colour-coded bins and cages built to municipality guidelines, custom-made recycling stations and containers for used cooking oil.




It all started when we built our first manual sorting plant in support of the UAE’s mandate to reduce landfills. With that facility already exceeding capacity, recovering over 40 tonnes of recyclables per day, we will soon be commissioning a new state-of-the-art material recovery facility capable of sorting 240 tonnes of multiple waste streams per day, maximising our ability to reinvent, reimagine, repurpose and reuse our customers’ waste. The cutting-edge MRF plant further bolsters our positioning to handle the recyclables for Expo 2020 Dubai.



Dulsco has launched plans for the first private marine slop and sludge processing plant in the UAE, the only International Maritime Organization (IMO) and Marine Emergency Mutual Aid Centre (MEMAC) complaint facility of its kind in the region. This speaks volumes about our commitment to forward-thinking solutions for better communities. The unique, state-of-the-art facility in Jebel Ali will be built and operated by our specialised division, which is MEMAC-approved to handle all marine waste as per MARPOL standards.
Our mission is to play a leading national role in implementing sustainable infrastructure for the future, ensuring that our values are applied through investment, expertise and education in circular economy best practices and recycling projects. Contributing to the UAE’s Environmental Vision 2021, the fully integrated plant will handle 2,000 litres of slop and sludge per hour and produce fuel oil, blended fuel products and irrigation quality water to be used by vessels and cement industries among others.


As one of the fastest developing countries in the world, the UAE is home to an unprecedented amount of industrial and construction projects. But the resulting waste amounts to a figure far higher than any other region. Determined to reduce damage to our environment, we join hands with communities to create solutions aligned with national and global sustainability goals. 
As part of an exclusive 15-year agreement with the UAE government, Dulsco owns and operates construction and demolition waste processing plants in Ajman and Umm Al Quwain, with a third facility planned. This leading-edge solution means less pollution, the elimination of illegal dumping, and a more conscientious approach to city development.

Circular Economy Leading Solutions

Diverting waste from dump sites, we wield our expertise to process a wide variety of materials back into commercial use. A good example is the recycling of concrete into sub-base, which can be used for building new roads and infrastructure, in turn reducing costs and the need for virgin quarrying. A circular economy at its best.



We are committed to driving cost-effective waste solutions into industrial and community sectors and to pioneering waste-to-energy breakthroughs in the region. Our Glass Upcycling initiative allows us to repurpose glass collected from community, construction and commercial waste streams into unique products. Facilitated through third-party glass design facilities, products are fully customisable and often serve as a badge of honour to businesses eager to do their part for the environment.


Sustainability is the fundamental driver behind Dulsco’s vision for our future communities. Another link in the circular economy chain, our Paper Pulp Plant will put to use recyclable paper collected during our regular waste collection operations, manufacturing it into quality paper-pulp moulded products to be channelled back into the agricultural, poultry, healthcare and food sectors. Biodegradable and disposable, our products lessen environmental impact in two ways: diverting waste from landfills and reducing plastics in the local supply chain.