At Dulsco, we pride ourselves on our standing as a company that cares. Consistently striving towards better communities, we are committed to providing our blue-collar employees with the highest standards of labour accommodation and leisure facilities in the region.


Built on the belief that comfortable accommodations are essential to well-being and that a happy workforce is a better workforce, our worker communities enjoy the benefits of communal areas, sports and recreational facilities and comprehensive medical services.
Home to over 3,600 outsourced staff members, Dulsco Village in Al Quoz is just one of our state-of-the-art sites, our flagship in raising the standard of blue-collar housing. Our unique approach proved to be an overwhelming success, and our efforts were recognised with the Dubai Municipality award for ‘Best Company Accommodation in the Large Category’. Encouraged by the results, we continued to build on these exceptional standards, and now Dulsco operates 19 first-rate labour accommodations throughout the UAE.

Accommodations Built For Well-Being

  • Comfortably apportioned, air-conditioned rooms with beds and lockers
  • Equipped cooking and dining areas, and sanitation and laundry facilities
  • Conveniently located prayer rooms, libraries, TV rooms and free WiFi
  • Indoor and outdoor sports and recreational facilities including gymnasiums


At Dulsco we understand the importance of employee health, happiness and motivation. This is why we invested in a state-of-the-art events arena, built alongside our Dulsco Village accommodation facility. It’s the perfect environment for our employees to unwind, exercise or be entertained after a hard week at work.
The arena is professionally run by dedicated staff, and offers an ideal venue for entertainment events, indoor and outdoor sports tournaments, employee evenings and other activities designed to ensure the well-being of our workforce.

Exceptional Event Facilities

Our stadium serves as a popular venue for invigorating sporting events and leisure activities.

  • Multi-purpose events hall with lighting-equipped stage
  • Green pitch for cricket, football, volleyball, basketball and tennis courts
  • Indoor games hall and fully equipped gymnasium