Since 1935, Health and Safety has been an integral part of our commitment to our people and remains at the heart of everything we do at Dulsco. Many of our employees work on external client sites, where conditions cannot be directly controlled, but through sustained efforts and with support from our clients, we have been able to achieve a year-on-year reduction in incidents through a range of preventive measures.
Our team of HSE professionals monitor and care for all our employees, overseeing the integrated management system, conducting inspections and liaising with government departments. Dulsco spreads QHSE knowledge through high profile campaigns and an effective safety culture.
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Sustainability is a key component in our mission to power better communities, and we go to great lengths to control the impacts of our activities and services on the environment. A green office culture is just one part of our broader energy saving initiatives, like installing a solar water heating system in the 3,500-bed Dulsco Village accommodations – in an organisation of Dulsco's size, the reduction in our carbon footprint can be significant. In 2019 alone, 27,314kg of recyclables and 236kg of electronic waste was collected on our premises, diverting it from landfills and contributing to a more environmentally aware workforce.

HSE Awareness Campaigns Making A Difference

Dulsco raises HSE awareness through training programs and campaigns like QHSE week, featuring health camps, blood donation drives and competitions, and the Recyclables from Home campaign, which rewarded employees for bringing in their home waste for processing.