Our vehicle fleet adheres to the same rigorous standards as the rest of our well-oiled organisation, putting employee safety, security and welfare at the forefront. We provide our staff with transport services between accommodation and work sites, our fleet of 150 vehicles capably managed and maintained as part of our People Solutions division. Transportation coordinators oversee operations, ensuring prompt and efficient service.
Dulsco also operates a fleet of 130 vehicles dedicated to our Environmental Solutions division, which provide quality waste management services to communities. These include refuse collection and compactor trucks, tankers, pickups and recycling buses, among others.
Our dedicated drivers undergo rigorous training, from first aid to firefighting classes, and medical assessments are conducted twice annually to ensure their physical condition and preparedness in responding to any emergency. We have also implemented a Smart Vehicle Tracking Solution, which allows us to keep schedules on track and expedites the mobilisation of recovery and replacement vehicles in the event of a breakdown.
150 Employee Transport Vehicles
130 Environmental Solutions Vehicles
Drivers Trained in Emergency Response
Smart Vehicle Tracking Solution

Dulsco Vehicle Fleet Quality Transport & Service

A fleet of 150 vehicles provides Dulsco employees with safe and efficient transportation, earning the Labour Happiness Award 2018 from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation in the category of The Happiest Bus.