Employee welfare is an essential part of the Dulsco promise, guiding the way we conduct our business. We strive towards a culture of justice – an open and honest environment in which accountability is the duty of both the individual and the organisation.


Our Welfare and Employee Relations teams have a sole mission: to ensure a healthy working environment throughout the entire employment lifecycle. That means ethical and professional treatment of every staff member, and a comprehensive process of engagement and evaluation.
Trained counsellors and welfare officers assist employees in all work-related matters, throughout the year conducting accommodation and client site visits, as well as health and wellness coaching sessions. Roadshows help keep staff informed and broaden inclusion, and open houses with management allow them to voice their concerns and seek resolutions.
We take great pride in the achievements of our employees and support them
in advancing their careers and achieving their personal goals. We do this by offering a broad range of talent management schemes as well as skill development training and knowledge enhancement programmes. When they grow, we grow.



Our staff activities include entertainment evenings and movie screenings, Labour Day celebrations, an annual Dulsco Mega Cultural Competition, and various multicultural events. Employees are also given the opportunity to attend the Umrah pilgrimage.