In a rapidly developing region like ours, the demand for waste disposal services is far higher than in many other countries. At Dulsco, we will always find environmentally friendly solutions to every waste disposal challenge. Because protecting our communities, the environment and the planet we inhabit is in the best interests of us all.

Comprehensive Management

  • Large-scale waste collection and disposal
  • Mechanised street sweeping and litter picking
  • Scalable processing and recycling solutions

Specialised Solutions

  • Customised hotel chain and shopping mall services
  • Certified medical waste handling and disposal
  • Tailored sustainability programs

Dependable Operations

  • Fleet of over 130 waste collection vehicles
  • Experienced workforce
  • In-house vehicle maintenance workshop and fabrication plant


In the UAE, the average person generates around 2.25kg of waste every day – rising to 5.4kg a day in Ramadan. The average European generates under 1kg of waste a day. At Dulsco we are determined to redress this imbalance by diverting waste that would normally end up in landfills by recycling it or turning it into useable energy.
As the official Waste Management Partner of Expo 2020, we are at the forefront of increasing commitment across the GCC to create more sustainable communities. We provide innovative, cost-effective solutions that are intrinsically aligned with the UAE's strategic sustainability vision, including 75% diversion of waste from landfill by 2021, as well as industry-leading recycling services.
Our community cleaning services cover mechanised street cleaning – using industrial road sweepers for a faster and more efficient solution that is kinder to the environment – in addition to grease trap and pipe cleaning.

Serving Communities - Our waste management solutions

Residential neighbourhoods, buildings, communities, public spaces and labour accommodations
Commercial and trading establishments, including hotels, office towers and shopping malls
Sports and entertainment complexes, amphitheatres, concerts and festivals
Construction and demolition sites (learn about our C&D waste and industrial solutions)

Landfill Use Reduction Achieving Our Sustainability Goals

As one of three waste management companies providing door-to-door waste collection and recycling services in Jumeirah, we were tasked by the government with reducing waste dumped into landfills. By investing heavily in our own multi-million-dollar manual sorting facility and a comprehensive awareness campaign, our experienced team ensured the right approach and optimal results. We achieved waste diversion rates higher than those of our competitors and continue to strive towards our mission of powering more sustainable communities.
People seperating plastic and paper waste


Our specialist Medical Waste Collection services offer an ethical alternative to the dangerous practice of improper dumping of medical waste, which can pose a serious threat to the health and safety of our communities. Medical facilities such as hospitals, clinics and laboratories can rest assured of the efficient, responsible disposal of their hazardous materials.
Dulsco’s custom designed medical waste collection vehicles are manned by experienced crews trained to strict standards of safety and hygiene, and fully equipped with protective gear including medical gloves, aprons, masks, uniforms and safety shoes. We also provide biodegradable waste collection bags and bins as well as “sharp boxes” (used for disposable syringes and scissors) in addition to standard yellow bags and waste bins.

Serving Medical Facilities Across The UAE

Our medical waste solutions lead the way in effective, responsible collection and disposal.

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